I’m a climate scientist. I develop records of past ocean temperature, salinity, and wind variability by measuring the chemical composition of coral skeletons. These records allow us to investigate how and why climate has changed in the past, and may help us improve predictions of future climate change.

I’m currently a research scientist at School of Earth and Atmospheric Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I did my postdoc at the Tropical Climate and Coral Reefs Lab at Boston University, and completed my PhD in 2017 at Georgia Tech.

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Porites coral response to an oceanographic and human impact gradient in the Line Islands

Jessica E. Carilli, Aaron C. Hartmann, Scott F. Heron, John M. Pandolfi, Kim Cobb, Hussein Sayani, Robert Dunbar, Stuart A. Sandin

Limnology and Oceanography


A comparison of U/Th and rapid-screen 14C dates from Line Island fossil corals

Pamela R. Grothe, Kim M. Cobb, Shari L. Bush, Hai Cheng, Guaciara M. Santos, John R. Southon, R. Lawrence Edwards, Daniel M. Deocampo, and Hussein R. Sayani

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems


Climatic and biotic thresholds of coral-reef shutdown

Lauren T. Toth, Richard B. Aronson, Kim M. Cobb, Hai Cheng, R. Lawrence Edwards, Pamela R. Grothe and Hussein R. Sayani

Nature Climate Change