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[*student mentored paper]

Intercolony δ18O and Sr/Ca variability among Porites spp. corals at Palmyra Atoll

Sayani, H.R., K.M. Cobb, K.L. DeLong, N.T. Hitt, and E.R.M Druffel.

Evaluating 20th century central tropical Pacific SST trends using young fossil corals

*Hitt, N.T., H.R. Sayani, K.M. Cobb, P.R. Grothe, A.R. Atwood, S. Ellis, D.M. Thompson, J.L. Conroy, E. Wiggins, Y. Lu, M. Pythoud, P. Xhang, H. Cheng, R.L. Edwards.

Reliable coral Sr/Ca estimates from an altered fossil coral using SIMS

Sayani, H.R., K.M. Cobb, A.L Cohen, B. Monteleone, and H.R. Crespo.

Robust evidence for forced changes in ENSO: from the mid-Holocene to the 21st century

Grothe, P.R., K.M. Cobb, G. Liguori, E. Di Lorenzo, A. Capotondi, Y. Lu, H. Cheng, R.L. Edwards, J.R. Southon, G.M. Santos, D.M. Deocampo, J. Lynch-Stieglitz, T. Chen, H.R. Sayani, et. al

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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6.  Carilli, E.C., A.C. Hartmann, S.F. Heron, J.M. Pandolfi, K.M. Cobb, H.R. Sayani, R.B. Dunbar, and S.A. Sandin (2017), Porites coral response to an oceanographic and human impact gradient in the Line Islands, Limnology and Oceanography
[PDF] doi: 10.1002/lno.10670

5.  Grothe, P.R., K.M. Cobb, S.L. Bush, H. Cheng, G.M. Santos, J.R. Southon, R.L. Edwards, D.M. Deocampo, and H.R. Sayani (2016), A comparison of rapid screening 14C and U-Th dates from Line Island fossil corals: implications for paleoclimate reconstruction, G-Cubed. 
[PDFdoi: 10.1002/2015GC005893

4.  Toth, L. T., R.B. Aronson, K.M. Cobb, H. Cheng, R.L. Edwards, P.R. Grothe, and H.R. Sayani (2015), Climatic and biotic thresholds of coral-reef shutdown, Nature Climate Change.
[PDF] [datadoi: 10.1038/nclimate2541

3.  Cobb, K.M., N. Westphal, H.R. Sayani, J.T. Watson, E. Di Lorenzo, H. Cheng, R.L. Edwards, and C.D. Charles (2013), Highly variable El Nino-Southern Oscillation throughout the Holocene, Science.
[PDF] [datadoi: 10.1126/science.1228246

2.  Sayani, H.R., K.M. Cobb, A.L. Cohen, W.C. Elliott, I.S. Nurhati, R.B. Dunbar, K.A. Rose, and L.K. Zaunbrecher (2011), Effects of diagenesis on paleoclimate reconstructions from modern and young fossil corals, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.
[PDFdoi: 10.1016/J.Gca.2011.08.026

1.  Zaunbrecher, L.K., K.M. Cobb, J.W. Beck, C.D. Charles, E.R.M. Druffel, R.G. Fairbanks, S. Griffin, and H.R. Sayani (2010), Coral records of central tropical Pacific radiocarbon variability during the last millennium, Paleoceanography.
[PDF] [datadoi: 10.1029/2009pa001788